What is The Best Chair for Back Pain? I sit all day long.

What is The Best Chair for Back Pain

So many of us have careers where we sit all day long. No stretches’, short breaks for those of us that take them and very little movement aside from the occasional spin of our chairs. Then the day’s over and we get up off our chairs (or try too). We can start to feel the lower back pain creep up. Seems as though our backs have seized up from sitting all day. That’s when you start asking yourself: what is the best chair for back pain?

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain, before it starts to chronically hurt

Hopefully these signs show you that your chair causes low back pain when sitting for long periods. That type of sitting ALL day puts stress on our spine and can will lead to chronic back pain, mainly lower back pain with a dash of neck pain. Finding the best chair for proper back support is so important to preventing potential neck and back injuries.

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The First Thing You Should Know Is: Everyone’s Needs Are Different.

The best chair for back pain relief is one that is adjustable. That chair your colleague keeps telling you about may not be the right one for you. The perfect chair needs to be customizable by having adjustments for the following:

  • Seat Height – seat adjusts up and down
  • Seat Rest Height – the back of the chair can be adjusted up or down to meet the lumbar requirements
  • Seat Tilt – when the angle of seat is adjustable tilt back/forward
  • Back Rest Tilt – when the back of the chairs angle is adjustable lean forward/back. A feature title best recliners back pain victim’s love.
  • Back Rest Support – The ability to adjust resistance to the back of the chair. So when you relax and lean back you don’t feel like you’re going to fall over. Offers the best recliner options for lower back pain sufferers
  • Back Rest Depth – an adjustment that allow you to increase or decrease the gap from the seat to the back rest. This will allow your knees to bend over the seat with no resistance or pressure on the back of the knee.
  • Synchronized Seat and Back – Everything tilts together when leaning back to relax.
  • 5 Stable Legs With Wheels – Increase stability, preventing the chair from tipping over and allows you to role to/from the desk before you sit/stand.

Now all those features are great. They will provide lumbar support, lower arms and elbow support, a relaxed state support and a stable foundation you don’t have to stress over. Add them all up and you have the best chair for lower back pain and productivity.

Have a look at the TOP 5 Best ergonomic chairs back pain sufferers just love before we move to: What the proper chair setup should feel like.

TOP 5 Best ergonomic chairs back pain

    1. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black
    2. CMO 24 Hour High-Back Ergonomic Chair
    3. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair
    4. Modway Articulate Office Chair
    5. Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness Mid-Back Office Chair

What the Best Chair for Back Pain Should Feel Like

When sitting upright not slouching:

  • Your lower back should feel the lumbar support
  • Your thighs should be level to the ground
  • Your knees should bend freely over the chairs seat
  • You should not feel any pressure from the seat on the back of the knees
  • Your feet should lay flat on the ground

These types of chairs and setups also equate to the best chair sciatica pain victims feel the most relaxed in. The body should feel fully supported and balanced providing sciatic pain relief.


  • Relax those shoulders, don’t tense up. Now, adjust the Arm rests.
  • Biceps travel strait down along the rib cage
  • Arm rest meets the elbows at the natural bend (remember shoulders relaxed)
  • Forearms rest on a padded arm rest without causing shoulders to rise.
  • Now some prefer to rest their hand on the arm rests while others prefer the hands to slope over. That’s entirely up to you

Now you’ve answered the question: What is the best chair for lower back pain?

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Add-on’s You Should Consider, When Preventing/Dealing with Back Pain.

Footrests – will raise the knees upwards comfortably relieving even more lower back pressure.  As a bonus many of them have ball shapes that are designed to be used for foot massages. Massages will increase the circulation to the lower limbs.

Top 5 Footrests for Lower Back Pain:

  1. Humanscale FM300B Foot Machine with Massage Balls 
  2. Kensington SoleMate Adjustable Footrest
  3. Halter F6031 Premium Ergonomic Foot Rest
  4. Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest
  5. MAX SMART Home Ergonomic Office Footrest

Curious product mentioned to me by one of my readers. What about Webble? I had to find it with such a name.

The footrest below is one I’m now thinking of buying myself, if any of you have tried it? I’d love to hear about it.

Webble Ergonomic Office Footrest

Riding on four smooth gliding casters, the Webble provides workers with sweeping 360 degree range of motion. The Webble has won a prestigious IDEA 2009 Finalist Award from the International Design Society of America and BusinessWeek magazine, a 2009 Red Dot Award, and a 2008 Best Of Year Product Award from Interior Design magazine. Its iconic shape with a spring suspension and patented mesh membrane offers the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and wellness.

  • Designed for light ergonomic activity that improves flexibility, blood circulation and posture while reducing muscle fatigue and pressure on your joints.
  • Appropriate for any interior — home office to corporate office park, from solo desk to cubicles to wide open workspaces.
  • Supports your back and entire lower body, not just your feet.
  • Massage your arch along the contoured any-angle edge.
  • Its iconic shape with a spring suspension and patented mesh membrane offers the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and wellness.


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37 thoughts on “What is The Best Chair for Back Pain? I sit all day long.

  1. Very interesting and informative article, thank you.
    I don’t sit at a desk all day I am long distance tour coach driver and I guess these tips could apply to that seat as well?

    • Coach driver Wow Mark that is a lot of sitting. Thank you for the comment. I will look at testing some seat cushions with drivers in mind. Great idea thank you

  2. Thanks for a great article! I’m currently looking for a new computer chair as my old one broke and the dining chair I’m using is hell on my back! I hadn’t even considered a foot rest before but I think you’re right and it makes a lot of sense! I’m going to do a little more research on the chairs that you have suggested and have bookmarked your page for future reference. Would you say that price is an important factor, or can you get a reallys supportive chair on a budget?

    • Great question Richard,
      The budget is always a factor at the end of the day. I believe you get what you pay for. However the best way is to try them out. Seriously even in the stores. adjust all the supports until you either feel good or you know its not for you. They may look at you funny but who cares. If you spend as much time sitting as I do its worth it. Start on a budget and as the chair gets worn look at upgrading it. Focus on comfort then price there are so many out there. I could only cover the ones I’d tried. If you find one at a great price and your happy after a week or so I’d love to hear about it.

  3. This is helpful information. It proves that it the little things we can do to keep our body. The information is clear and enable the reader to make the necessary choices to eliminate back pain. Thank you for the suggested equipment.

    • Jairo,
      Sorry to hear about your back pain. I hope my pages offer you some relief and if you ever try a footrest I’d love to hear about the experience.


  4. I sit on a stability ball when I must sit at a desk to do something. It keeps my posture perfect and makes me work my core a bit.

    I have seen some oddball little seat cushions intended to make people sit correctly. Apparently that really helps. I can’t testify to that – I never tried ’em.

    In general, I don'[t think sitting at a desk is a good idea, particularly for women my age. We often have circulatory problems in our legs. If we must sit at at desk then we should get up and walk about from time to time.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for the information and I will look into the stability balls a bit more. Some of my staff have been asking for them so I’ve requested specialist to visit our offices and offer a presentation on them. I haven’t tried one yet but I’m looking forward to it.


  5. I don’t have back pain but I do have shoulder aches. I think that my sitting posture is the main cause of it. Would these chairs be able to help?

    • Yes, in your case make sure you have upper body, an adjustable arm rest and neck support. Try not to hunch over if you work at a desk all day. Take a few seconds t0 relax those shoulders 3-4 times a day. just takes a few seconds.

  6. I really enjoyed visiting your website. I am going to recommend that my son visits it as well. Sometimes it works better if a different “authority” explains what to do for a sore back other than one’s mother!!!!
    I appreciate all the comparative information you provided for anyone looking to purchase an item that you have recommended.
    Great job.
    I really like the “feel” of your site. It is friendly yet professional.

    • It’s my pleasure Susan,

      I hope your son listens to some of the tips provided. Heck I hate hearing about folks in pain. If you want more help getting his attention let me know his exact symptoms and I’ll post accordingly to help him out. He should listen to his mother.;-)

  7. Hi Dale,

    I suffer from lower back pain..I do sit all day at work, but it isn’t at a computer. I run Heavy Duty Equipment, and some of the seats in them just aren’t designed with proper support at all and no adjustment to them. That being said I do run some equipment that does have adjustment to the seat, and this post has given me some good information that will allow me to adjust those seats to better suit me and hopefully relieve some of the pressure that builds up in my back. I honestly appreciate the information you provided. Thank you!

    • Good luck setting up those seats. If you need a hand just send me a pic and I’ll help you research the chairs options


  8. Hello Dale,

    I enjoyed visiting your website. This information is so important.

    I worked as a secretary for many years, so I can appreciate the need for a proper chair. It is so good to hear you say that everyone’s needs are different. I always had to re-adjust my chair if anyone changed the height, etc.

    I also agree with you that a footrest is important. I’m glad you shared this information. Hopefully it will help many people.


    • Thank you Judy,

      As a manager of several supervisors and a team of a little over 200 letter carriers we do a lot of sitting and walking. I’ve seen it so many times where people borrow each others chairs readjust them then walk away. The massive amounts of stress it causes is unreal. So much so that I had everyone who sits select new chairs and they are now all individually labelled and once they’re adjusted I offered those who wanted to permission to remove the adjustment arms. I haven’t heard a complaint since

  9. As a blogger I do sit down a lot and in a position that alters the normal alignment of my spine. I never knew there were so many aide to this problem. I like the foot rest personally. I often find myself trying to place my feet comfortable. Im getting myself the Webble Ergonomic Office footrest ASAP.

    Thanks for the review!

  10. Hi Dale!

    To be fair if I read your post 1 month ago, I wouldn’t believe it. However, in the last month I actually seat for 3 times on a chair for 6-7 hours straight. For the first 4-5 hours I haven’t felt anything, but when I got close to 6 hours, the pain started to appear and by the 7th hour I barely could deal with it. Thanks for the post, I will make sure to apply your tips from now on!

    • I’m so glad I could help. That’s why I come here everyday. Makes me feel good to give back. If you need any help with selecting a chair let me know and try every adjustment. ok.

      Cheers and good luck on the pain free workday

  11. I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain for many years. Although I was labeled disabled and forced to retire recently, I spent 37 years in a chair nearly the entire day. I could never get used to the footrests. I’m not sure why. But I did learn and practice neck and back stretching. Both can be done while sitting and do much for relieving tension in the muscles – it is the tension which aggravates the nerves. I have also been told that inflammation is the source of ALL pain so it is important that we deal with inflammation with diet and medication. The proper chair for your body stature is critically important but when you can’t stay one step ahead of the tension and inflammation then it’s time for a deep tissue massage!!

    • Carole. You’re so right. Every time I reach my limit its a deep tissue massages. My first one hurt so much ..lol I swore to never go back but hours later the pain was gone. Sold. I’ve been going ever since

  12. Hi Dale..
    I also have the same topic with you about back pain and how when we change it will reduce back pain. I agree with you everyone’s need are different so that why adjustable chair is the best choice. very informative post..

  13. I’ve had very cheap office chairs before and they were just not comfortabley. I then decided to spend a little money and invest in a good chair. I hadn’t thought of a footrest before. I like how you can get ones that massage your feet and improve your circulation. I’ll have to check out your recommendations.

    • I use to role my eyes at foot rests. I finally caved and I tell you. Monday mornings I get to my desk take off my shoes and let the foot rests to the rest…lol I love it and you will to. Enjoy!

  14. I got the Webble!!
    I took it to work colleagues laughed at it. By the end of the day I was in love. The ones that were laughing ended up ordering them too.. too funny. I need another one for home now and my wife will bring one to work and see if it works for her.

    Thank you so much Dale great information!

  15. Thanks for the great information. When we moved last year, I left my standing desk behind and I’ve really come to regret it. I’ll be checking out these chairs for sure. I find myself getting up more often and taking more breaks sitting at my new desk. My seat is comfy, but I just don’t think it offers the best support.

    • Standing desk, what a great device I just started using one and I’m amazed. Is it possible I’m more productive with it? I hope you get another one soon. Best of luck
      I believe Amazon has the best prices. Click Here

  16. Great article! Good tips you’ve shared. A footrest is a really good idea. I’ve found they make a difference. I think a stability ball is a good idea too.

    • I absolutely agree with you now. I just ordered a stability ball and will have various folks test it in office environments for few days each. You’re right the research so far has shown it to be the best way to strengthen the core at the office. Its just getting people used to the idea of sitting on a ball.

      Thank you,

      Dale B.

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