Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain 

Stretching  exercises are the best way to not only avoid potential back pain but also considered one of the best chronic back pain treatments. There are so many stretching options, like yoga back pain relief stretches, Tai Chi and Various types of standing exercises like the ones listed below are well known stretches for lower back pain. In all reality by the time most people start looking for solutions its because there back is already hurting.  If you’re just starting out like I was or if your back is a bit tender. I recommend you visit our Exercise Page to watch a great starter video. These are the best stretches for lower back pain. You don’t have to stand up strait and be in pain while you stretch out those sore muscles.

Here’s a list of 10 stretches for lower back pain

Seated Forward Bend

Cat or Camel Back Stretch

Mermaid Stretch

Low Back Rotation Twist

Squat Stretch

The Spine Stretch

Supine cross-leg spinal twist

Wall Slide

Spinal Trunk Rotation

Seated Spinal Twist

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9 thoughts on “Stretches for Lower Back Pain

  1. Like most other people, I’ve always had problems with my back. I mostly don’t have pain thank God! Since I have numbness in my feet and nobody can diagnose what is causing it yet, I want to take your advice on these back exercises. I’ve actually done a few of them back when I was doing physical therapy, so I’m somewhat familiar with them. I hope these help me.

    • Rob,
      I hope they help you too.

      Best of luck and if you ever try something new as a product or treatment I’d love to hear about it.


  2. I’m always looking for something to help me with my lower back. I have horrible posture, so I’m constantly uncomfortable. These look like some pretty good stretches to try. Thanks!

  3. I noticed that when I walk a lot (rather than sitting), I have less back pain. Even though, I am using an ergonomic chair.

    Do you think that ergonomic chairs are scams? Do they really work?

  4. Much informative article on back pain. Most of us get back pain at least once in a lifetime. It’s fine if that subsides with regular exercises and best posture habits. But if the problem continues, a visit to an expert is much needed and right diagnosis at right time can help in solving the issue. Some exercises to help relieve back pain.

  5. What a timely article to read. I have been having sciatica for months now and it all started with my lumbar pain. While getting treated at the chiropractor, I am required to do a lot of back stretches but only know a few.

    These videos give me some variety to play around with. There are times that I like doing it on the Yoga mat and at time, in a sitting position so it’s great to know what I can choose from.

    Thanks for the helpful information.

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