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Simple Lower Back Pain Treatment Exercises

My lower back pain irritated me one and off for over 10 years. I was finally referred to a physiotherapist where I learned the simplest 5 lower back pain treatment exercises that immediately helped me reduce my back pain. I had seen pull charts, books and videos provided by my doctors office to show me the movements but I wanted to give you something much easier to follow than charts and pictures.

I searched for hours to find this video. It covers the lower back pain treatment exercises I use(d) to relieve my chronic back pain . Being over 200 Lbs and heavy in the belly area it was very hard to find simple stretches for some lower back pain relief . Thankfully I found these very easy to do. After the first full set I started feeling better.  The more often I did these the more stretchable I became and so will you be. Now that I’m pain free I use these once or twice per week depending on activities and the feeling in my lower back. I should be doing them daily to remain loose and tension free as should you but life does get crazy from time to time.  So just remember these will help you lower the pain. Do yourself a favour and find 5 min a day and if you need help ask a friend(I did).

Your first step should be to see your primary care physician (PCP) or a doctor for advice. Once they have assessed your condition, they will make recommendations about treatment and might also refer you to one or more back specialists that will help you find the right lower back pain treatment exercises.

Please unless its a chronic issue that you’re already aware of, get an assessment before trying any exercises. Safety first the last thing you want is to cause more problems. Start off nice and easy especially if your back is tender. I had my wife help with some of the movements. I still cant believe how good it felt and how these simple steps made the difference.

5 Lower Back Stretches

More will follow soon.

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