Diet and Exercise for Chronic Back Pain

Diet and Exercise for Chronic Back Pain

Let’s get real here, if you have a problem with your weight than your chances of suffering from back pain go way up. Lower back pain being one of the most common types of back pains for folks that are a little heavier than they should be. I myself started out 75 lbs over weight. My body much like yours wasn’t designed to carry such a heavy load of fat cells every day and with every activity. That kind of stress on your back will result in chronic back pain.

How Carrying Extra Weight Impacts Your Body

If you’re anywhere from 30+ lbs over limit the added stress to the body will cause parts to shift like the spine and your hips moving forward or tilting. Once the hips start to shift you increase the chances of pinching a sciatic nerve. This pain is excruciating and travels long distances from the neck all the way down your leg, potentially right down to the tip of your toe.

Start Now and Feel Less Back Pain

So in order to beat these odds that are stacking up against us proper diet and exercise needs to be considered. We need exercises designed for our cores shape and strength. I know .. you’ve heard this a thousand times before. Just like I had and you’re sick of it. Let’s have a look at what small steps can be taken in the right direction. Don’t try and move a mountain yet at least not until your back feels

Eating More Often = Weight Loss, Really?

The first major step in any weight loss plan is diet. STOP this doesn’t mean you don’t eat or you eat less, like I always believed. Here’s something I would not have believed had I not experienced it firsthand. Eat every two hours or so, have a decent breakfast, lunch and dinner and a final snack 3-4 hours before bed. We will cover the types of food in the next section but for now I just want you to understand what you would be doing with this pattern. What happens is your body will no longer feel the need to store foods and it will begin to only keep what it needs until the next snack/meal. There are thousands of diets out there unfortunately the diet industry doesn’t really want to help you because they’d lose you as a customer

Eating Less Often = Weight Gain, Believe It!

I was an eat once or twice a day kind of guy so I never understood why I gained weight. My body spent years in a starvation mode. Every fatty food or carb eaten was being stored for the next countless foodless hours I put my body through. Just by changing this pattern you can start losing weight within days. .

What Can I Eat A lot Of?

Ever notice how healthy food is way more expensive than junk food? Start cutting down carbs in the afternoon. Carbs are needed to sugar up your body for the day’s events. If you’re not going to be mentally or physically active than lower the carbs. Eat lean protein and vegetables all day if you want. Your body will not store protein it will simply use what it needs and dispose the rest. As for vegetables well there is nothing bad about vegetables. Fruits however can contain a high amount of sugar so I would stop fruit in the early afternoon.

What Foods To Focus On

You want your late meals/snack to become lighter as night approaches with little to no carbs preventing potential storage. This will become everyday life and not just a diet. This is the key. By “letting your body know it won’t starve” and giving it well timed foods will forever work in your favor.

If Exercise Hurts ..You’re Doing it Wrong !

When it comes to exercise there are so many you can do, but again think of it as a life change not a I’m going to lose 30 pounds and stop. That’s the worst thing you can do and most people who don’t make changes after the weight loss end up getting even heavier than they were before they lost weight. I would say check with your doctor and find out what you can do to start off.

Its a Race You Can Win.

Think of the race between the  tortoise and the hare, who won that race? Start with cardio workouts simply to get the heart use to pumping a little faster than it has been. Going for walks outside or on a treadmill. The treadmill is how I started and it was right in front of the TV. Walk while you watch something you like, listen to music or an audio book. A little is better than none at all. After a while you will miss it if you skip it.

Just for funTortoise and The Hare RaceUnbelievable!

Muscles Eat Fat for Breakfast. Grrrr

Once you’re comfortable with the cardio (occasional running-jogging)  side of things and you get an all clear from your doctor. You should begin working various muscles groups. The short reason is your muscle will feed on the fat your body has or is storing for its own growth. Muscles feeding on fat equals you losing weight. The exercises you should focus on are called compound exercises. These types of exercises can take as little as 5-10 min depending on your desire.

Short Focused Workout = Hours of Calorie Burn

Compound movements use many major muscles groups at once vs your triceps, bicep’s and abs singular exercises. Not only that but you continue burning calories up to 12 hrs after you stop. Don’t forget you’re not trying to be mister universe here. Remember you’re the turtle that will win this race. A perfect compound exercise to start with are called squats. With no weights at first and using a chair for balance until you no longer need it. Squats are the best for working multiple major muscle groups. As you get stronger add weight. Once you’re comfortable there research new compound workouts. Incorporate small thins into a lifestyle and you will reduce lower back pain, weight and be able to enjoy many others things life has to offer.

Hope you feel better soon, Cheers;-)

Dale Brunet

Founder of Helping Lower Back and Author The Back Pain Relief Guide.

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8 thoughts on “Diet and Exercise for Chronic Back Pain

  1. Hi Dale,
    What good tips and most things, I definitely have heard before. I have to find the balance as my weight has increased and I do get back pain. I know its to do with my weight and lack of exercise. I used to go hard with diet and exercise and then nothing. Finding that balance is so key and something I have to do. It is amazing too, how good “good food” really tastes when you are exercising. Your body seems to crave the good stuff and it tastes “oh so good” Thanks for this article, a reminder and very helpful!
    Cheers, Sharon

  2. Nice post I think this will be very helpful for people trying to loose weight. I think it’ll sound a little weird that eating less actually makes you gain weight but it’s actually so true. The best way to loose weight is to lower calorie intake not food intake, and of course making sure that those foods are high in nutrients, protein, carbs, etc.

  3. Dale,

    So helpful. I sit all day long and try as much as I can to alleviate the stresses of that. I also agree that doing some squats and staying semi active can really help.

    I like that you touched on frequency of eating here too. So many people think that the quantity they eat rather than the frequency is their primary problem. However, they don’t realize the effects they are having on their own metabolism. It’s so important to be aware of that so thank you for sharing with everyone!


    • Dalton,
      Thank you for the feed back and encouragement. I hope others pay attention to simple eating habits. You can still enjoy all foods just in moderation. Eating primarily good food and a moderate treat. So many of us do the exact opposite. I was a big eater of fast food then I’d feel guilty so I would eat a salad 1-2 a week. Now I ask you all do you think that salad really helped me?

      Cheers and stay strong

  4. I can relate to back pain as I’m sure most people can. It’s a given that carrying excess weight puts strain on your back. So losing weight and eating right are common sense things to do. And we are all lead to believe that you should eat less but in reality we should eat more as far as every couple of hours to satisfy our hunger and lose weight. It’s all about cutting the carbs and exercising regularly. I agree totally with your tips here.

    • Thank you Rob.

      Its amazing how many of us fall into the trap of eating less equals weight loss. Most never realize that those types of diets create temporary results. Eventually most of them gain it all back and then some.

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