Stress, Anxiety and Back Pain – Stress causes more back pain than you realize.

You can spend hours and even days wondering what is causing your back pain. The list is endless but one of the more interesting causes for back pain is stress. Stress is something that all of us go through on a regular basis and for many of us, it is simply an emotion that we have … Read more

Kidneys and Back Pain. What’s the connection?

Hello All, Can there be a connection between kidneys and back pain? YES! When it comes to back pain there are hundreds if not thousands of reasons why it may be hurting. Although many believe the causes for back pain are usually related to the spinal chord, nervous system and/or muscle inflammations, there is another vary common cause … Read more

Depression and Back Pain

Depression is almost a taboo topic. Almost everyone suffers from depression symptoms yet very few talk about it. Why you ask? Because its embarrassing and it may come off as a sign of weakness. At least that’s what most people think and feel. My name is Dale Brunet I’ve suffered from depression and crippling back pain … Read more

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