Stress, Anxiety and Back Pain – Stress causes more back pain than you realize.

You can spend hours and even days wondering what is causing your back pain. The list is endless but one of the more interesting causes for back pain is stress. Stress is something that all of us go through on a regular basis and for many of us, it is simply an emotion that we have … Read more

Stretches to Help with Lower Back Pain – That work, even from home!

If you have been experiencing back pain for a considerable amount of time you have probably been told at some point or another that you need to stretch regularly. There are a number of different ways that you can do this, from organized classes to exercises that can be done at home. Here are several … Read more

What’s the best exercise for back pain? – Prevention

  Many of us that experience back pain on a regular basis are really only looking for a way to overcome the pain that we are experiencing now. This is one of the things that keeps medical doctors in business and unfortunately, it does very little to help you in the long run. The back … Read more

Yoga and Back Pain, Yoga will help your back.

Yoga has been used for centuries for a number of different reasons. Although at first it was used for mainly spiritual reasons, in recent years it has also been used for therapeutic purposes. For example, people with back problems will typically seek out some kind of exercise that will help them with their condition. Yoga … Read more

The Acupuncture For Back Pain Theory, Does It Work?

  How would you like to be able to overcome many of the problems that we experience because of poor posture, weight gain and direct force trauma to our back? These can all be experienced through a method of acupuncture that has been practiced for thousands of years. Even though it is only now gaining … Read more

Kidneys and Back Pain. What’s the connection?

Hello All, Can there be a connection between kidneys and back pain? YES! When it comes to back pain there are hundreds if not thousands of reasons why it may be hurting. Although many believe the causes for back pain are usually related to the spinal chord, nervous system and/or muscle inflammations, there is another vary common cause … Read more

Amazon HoMedics Massager Beats All Competitors.

HoMedics MCS-750H product performed exactly as expected.  Out Performs Any Other In  Its Class  AMAZON has the BEST PRICES! My wife and I decided to look into back massage cushions after trying one at a friends house. We were so impressed with the kneading, rolling, tapping and spot functions we just had to get one. … Read more

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